The foundation for ACEP’s coaching programs is the cognitive coaching approach with the intention of engaging and transforming thinking, employing non-judgemental behaviours and adapting coaching styles to suit needs and contexts.

The current range of coaching programs includes:

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Differentiated Coaching
  • Coaching for Leadership Teams
  • Advanced Coaching
  • Instructional Coaching

Testimonials from Past Participants
Taken from an external evaluation of a coaching program conducted by ACEP on behalf of Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership:

"This was the best PD I’ve ever done. Absolutely worth it! The program took you out of your comfort zone, which was great. It was challenging and interesting. (It was) always relevant and I always felt invigorated after sessions."

"I have a different way to work with difficult situations now. I have a different perspective on things; not giving my opinion is a powerful tool..."

"It has encouraged me to relate meaningfully with colleagues when discussing teaching practises."

"I have recommended this course to other staff in the school. Very impressed by the content and delivery."